Skincare Vision Board of 2021

With all of the challenges of the past year, I learned taking breaks and focusing on self care was important. Instead of resolutions, I've been seeing many share their vision boards and I'm here for it. Let's take a look at the top ways to keep our skin game strong!

1. Remove your makeup every night.

This is an essential step before even cleansing your face. I like to call it the "double wash" and have two different ways to remove makeup before washing with my daily cleanser. Option one, use cotton pads and micellar water or a reusable makeup towel like my fave HERE.

Garnier Micellar Water

Resuable Makeup Removing Towel

Unbleached Cotton Pads

Large Reusable Makeup Removing Towel

2. Wash your face nightly.

Girl, wash your face is a top selling book for a reason. There are many a days I am so tired and just want to crash in bed. But, I remind myself that my skin will suffer. Setting up a routine and keeping your cleanser handy are a huge help for me. Keep your cleanser in the shower or on your vanity for easy access. Discover the best cleanser for your skin type: Skin Quiz

3. Wear SPF every day.

Sun protection is my non-negotiable. Even if I'm not going to be outside for an extended period of time, I make sure to apply my favorite SPF 20. We may not think about, but while driving in the car, walking in and out of buildings, and sitting in our office with daylight, we receive exposure from the harmful UV rays. Think UVA = aging and UVB = burning. Let's place that sunscreen right next to our cleanser and make it a resolution of the new year.

4. Wash your pillowcases weekly.

This is at the top of my to-do list. While trying to tackle "maskne" this past year, I think this will be a game changer to help keep my skin clear. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts, it's best to avoid the dirt, oils, and bacteria lurking behind. Experts also recommend avoiding fabric softeners which can affect our pores. Using silk pillowcases is also helpful to reduce damage to your hair as well.

5. Track your water intake.

Staying hydrated by drinking enough water can help improve circulation, flush out toxins, and improve your complexion. Have trouble meeting your water quota? Try adding a squeeze of lemon or fresh fruit to spice things up or get a water bottle you love. Soooo, there is an official (more complicated) algorithm to calculate how much water one should drink each day. Easiest way to make sure you are receiving your proper hydration for the day....divide your body weight in half. For example, my body weight of 175 pounds would calculate to about 88 oz. of water each day. This tumbler is a favorite with 40 oz. capacity and keeps my water cold all day.

6. Wash your makeup brushes weekly.

Besides removing makeup at night, this is one of my top tips you can change in your routine to see quick results. If you are going to invest in a skincare routine, why would you want to top it off with dirty makeup brushes. The dead skin cells and product buildup can include bacteria plus affect the flawless finish you are trying to achieve. Throw on your favorite podcast, and take 10 minutes to make your tools squeaky clean.

7. Use a moisturizer daily.

Using moisturizer can help strengthen your skin's protective barrier and improve elasticity. Your skin cells need moisture to produce the much needed collagen. It is important to use the correct formula for your skin type and skin needs. Moisturizer in the AM and PM can differ as your skin needs repair at night and protection in the daytime. Learn more about skincare steps HERE.