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Skincare Tools

I'm sharing the must-haves of my summer lineup. Self-care squad goals!!

Ice Roller

I just started using this amazing tool and don't know what took me so long. I keep it in the freezer and reach for it every morning to de-puff my face and eye area. This is amazing for headaches as well. I have found with the excessive heat of summer, it can be brutal after workouts so this helps me relax and even cool down.

Tinkle Razors

Technically an eyebrow razor, these never fail to help me tackle the mustache zone and use for removal of peach fuzz on my face. It is a cheaper, at-home version of dermaplaning. Your skin will appear brighter and makeup goes on smoother. Make sure you watch a YouTube tutorial before you shave your face.

Lip Exfoliating Brush

Drinking plenty of water is the number one way to keep your lips plump and hydrated. But sometimes, exfoliating your pout will renew your skin for a fuller, smoother appearance. Use these silicone lip brushes with a lip scrub or massage in your favorite lip balm.

Jade Roller

Oh the classic Jade Roller! Probably my all time favorite beauty tool. This is not only cooling on the face but helps with lymphatic drainage and stimulates collagen production for an improved overall appearance of your skin. I love using it to help my serums and skincare creams fully absorb.

Foot File

I'm a barefoot contessa over here during the summer. This foot file tackles those calluses during sandal season. Pedicures at home need this essential tool for keeping your feet soft and healthy.

Makeup Removing Towel

If you are wearing makeup these days, makeup removing cloths are good for the environment and gentle on your skin. Say bye bye to disposable makeup wipes. These are the most beautiful shade of pink and so soft. Just add water and watch your makeup melt away.

Dry Brush

To get a perfectly exfoliated skin, get rid of old or dead cells, promote blood circulation, increase lymphatic drainage , and get a daily detox this dry brush is your new BFF. I use this a few times a week before a shower to prep my skin. It is a very calming feeling to me and can help relieve stress and fatigue from the day.

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