Ovaries Before Brovaries

All hail, Leslie Knope! This waffle-loving BFF and fearless leader is who we have to thank for an amazing celebration with women supporting women. Just a bunch of ladies celebrating ladies.

Instead of my annual Galentine's Party this year, we had to take things online for a virtual gift exchange and Zoom meet up. So thankful for technology to keep bringing us together.

I shared all the fixins for throwing a festive party, make sure to follow me on Instagram: @maisonofbeauty_

Check out the highlight bubbles for all the Galentine inspo!

Makeup Details:

Plum Berry ShadowSense-- Eyes, Cheeks, & Lips

Pearlizer Highlighter

CCTM (Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer)

Cardigan: Amazon

Bodysuit: Dear Peach Boutique

Shoes: Old Navy

Hat: Urban Outfitters , Lack of Color