Makeup Brush Guide

I love my makeup brushes! We have an amazing relationship. They help me "put on my face" with smooth application and I give them their weekly bath. I call it, time to do the laundry. 😁 I often get asked which type of tool to use and it really does depend on the product. Makeup tools vary from brushes, sponges, or even your fingers. I have compiled my favorites and outlined which brush is best for each type of makeup application.

Let's get started! Here is a quick glance at a simple starter kit to cover all your bases. My absolute favorite beginner set is this one from Amazon. These can be used for multiple products, for example, use the fluffy brush for bronzer, blush, or powder. A great eye blending brush can be used for softening a color and tapping in the outer corner for a higher pigment outcome. Try the precise angle of the eyebrow brush for your liner too.

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I hope this collection of tools helps you narrow down your starting point. Start with a few and build your hoard of brushes from there, haha. And remember, maintain your brushes' cleanliness to increase longevity and keep your skin clean & healthy.