Fabulous for Lips

New product alert! EEK!! I am so excited about the NEW Tinted Lip Balms that just dropped!

These babies sold out within just a few hours and they are something we have been waiting a long time for. Have you tried the regular lip balm yet??!

Well now the lip balm is tinted! The two shades are Blush Pink, a delicate tint, and Barely Berry for a richer, deeper shade than your natural lip color. The color payoff is incredible!

You are in luck, I was able to grab both shades for you and still have some available after pre-orders. You can snag one or both texting 'Order' to 928-264-1640. The regular Lip Balm is $20 and these new tinted balms are $22. 

Scroll down to see the pics of both balms on different skin tones & learn more about the moisture magic in the balms.