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Adventures of an MUA

Hey beauties!

It's only January and this has been one grand adventure so far in 2019. I thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes and daily activities in the life of a make-up artist. Creativity definitely comes first for me but it does take a lot of hard work and many people to get the final project completed. Here is an intimate look into the latest step in my MUA (make-up artist) journey.

I am so thankful SeneGence offers boss babes to take the next step forward and pursue a career in beauty. Training opportunities are offered all throughout the year both local and at the national level. This past event is so much fun with hands on makeup training, tips & techniques, skincare knowledge, and more. I learned so much! All of the skills covered can be taken back to use with clients and customers right away. More on this later, first stop...Disneyland!

After a fun road trip launched from Phoenix at 6am, we arrived in Disney around Noon to scream our guts out and laugh like giddy schoolchildren. What a great way to start the weekend trip! This little getaway gave way to some much needed girl time with food and bevys to relax before training began.

Day 1 consisted of aesthetics and product knowledge trainings to dig deep with the science of things. I am always fascinated by learning new things about skin cells, collagen, and alleviating skin concerns. The human body is magnificent! Did you know your skin cells renew naturally every 28 days? But also, there are ways to speed that up and look even more healthy and youthful faster. I'm always sharing more in my Facebook group on weekly topics like collagen, moisturizers, anti-aging, quick makeup looks, etc. Join us!

Day 2 was full out with learning helpful tips for each step in the makeup routine and then practicing on our own visage. All the women entered the room full of bravery, with a bare face ready to master their make-up artist skills. From there, we studied a variety of ways to apply foundation, concealer, and contour. Not only that but there are details we consider like skin type, skin tone, and face shape before bouncing in with our favorite kabuki makeup brush. Then off to lunch with a partially completed face, haha. No complaints here with a bomb taco and salsa buffet to dive into thanks to SeneGence spoiling us. Note: They do not hold back to keep us energized with snacks & drinks all throughout training.

The second half of the day was spent completing the rest of our look with eyes, cheeks, and lips. My most complicated challenge was choosing an inspiration photo. Pinterest and Instagram are my favorite spots for fostering new ideas, especially for eye makeup. Where do you get your inspiration for makeup, fashion, cooking or even design? I would love to see yours in the comments.

This journey has been one of a kind and I can't wait to see what comes next. First up, I will be featured in the RAW Showcase in Phoenix, AZ next month and will be sharing all the behind the scenes here with you. A few weddings and photo shoots coming up too. Stay tuned and ride along for more adventures of an MUA.



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