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Glacier Glitter Halo Eye

Glam it up! This is one of my favorite times of the year and an added bonus is all the fun makeup looks I can rock. A halo eye can be subtle or complete sparkle. It is my favorite way to create a smokey eye without being too overpowering. Here are my tips and tricks for you to create the look this holiday season. Full tutorial on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf8N-dOOjuA

Tip 1: Choose a color palette

You want to think back to art class in elementary school and use that classic color wheel! Select colors that will pair well together and of course compliment your wardrobe. Try cool tones of purples and blues with light pinks or silver as the accent. For all my warm gals out there, burgundy, terra cotta, and rose gold accents are where it's at.

Tip 2: Use a light hand

First, try holding your makeup brushes towards the end to help apply product with a light touch. Also, build color as you go because it is so much harder to subtract than add on. For the halo accent in the center of your lid, use patting motions to keep the pigment game strong.

Tip 3: Blend and soften

A common mistake when applying makeup is not blending enough. When adding a lighter color or accent on top, especially a metallic, soften the edges by pulling the lighter color off to the sides. You can also go back in to add a small amount of the darker color to pull the look together.


-Society Lashes in style Raquel, code MEGAN10

-Earrings from Rozie June

-Shadows: Mulberry, Deep Plum, Silver Shimmer, and Glacier Glitter

-Lips: Praline Rose with Glacier Glitter highlight

-Brows: Rustic Brown shadow and Taupe BrowSense

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