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Best Moisturizers for Fall

Skin problem areas can really ruin that perfect weather, cozy layered outfit kinda day. My dilemma has always been dry patches. After, I wash my face it is like the vacuum of space sucking out any ounce of hydration I gained from drinking water and getting plenty of sleep. The first thing I have to do is apply a moisturizer! Whether it is too oily, t-zone concerns, or redness, I have compiled the best moisturizers so that your skin will be thanking you.

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All skin needs to be moisturized. It is essential in maintaining youthful and healthy skin. The natural oils in your skin stop dehydration, but it there is too little oil the skin becomes dry and flaky. Moisturizers correct this imbalance. They attract and deflect moisture and also act a a barrier against outside elements. SenePlex Complex is a vital ingredient for the success of your skin and cellular renewal. Did you know it normally takes 28 days for new cell growth? Here are my favorites to help speed up that process!

Climate Control

An anti-aging moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin types that is soothing and delivers an impact of hydration to the deepest layers of your skin. SenePlex actives deliver to the skin much needed essential fatty acids that are crucial in healthy cellular development and cannot be synthesized by the human body. Sensitive skin tends to lack moisture at the cellular level. Lack of moisture causes dryness,which in turn, causes irritation, creating a “heating sensation” in sensitive skin. Additional humectants, like Sodium Hyaluronate, help to increase moisture content. As moisture spreads, so too does SenePlex. This is fantastic to use on travel days as well as you expose your skin to different climates and a chance of temporary dryness.

Daytime Moisturizer

Wearing a daytime moisturizer can supply you with the needed hydration barrier as well as an SPF equivalent. Choose from a personalized skin system for your skin type: Oily to Acne, Normal to Oily, Normal to Dry, or Dry.

Evening Moisturizer

Adding a hydration element to your nighttime routine is crucial, especially during the Fall/Winter seasons. These rich ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to provide moisture, hydration, and lubrication while you sleep. While at rest, the skin is most susceptible to the penetration of nutrients and treatments. During sleep, movements of the muscles in the face are at a minimum allowing the skin to remain soft and absorbent to products on the face. The SeneDerm Evening Moisturizer aids cell production and skin regeneration.

Eye Creme

The SeneGence EyeCrème with SenePlex Complex represents some of the most advanced skin technology known today. Not only does its content contain our Anti-Aging SenePlex Complex, it also contains a variety of natural oils of varying molecular weights for maximum penetration. It melts at skin temperature by forming a silk-like coating that reduces drag when applying eye makeup.

Nangai Oil

Small but mighty! This little guy will help skin retain moisture with the purest form of natural moisture retention ingredients known today. This light and velvety oil from the nut of the Nangai tree will help reduce the signs of aging, making skin luminous, glowing, and deeply hydrated. Fun fact, the closer you are to the equator, the conditions cause more dryness and wrinkled skin. The closer you are to the poles, humidity provides moisture and the much needed water for our skin. Nangai oil helps to maintain moisture levels and reduce unwanted signs of aging.

Let's attack this dry season with products that work. All available in my shop. Thanks for your support and kudos for taking the next step to healthier skin!

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