Halloween Makeup Tips


The Queen is often misunderstood and don't quote her on the whole let them eat cake thing. Marie Antoinette was a very interesting historical figure and I highly recommend a biography read. She is my inspiration for this ghoul affair! Played around with an app to change eye color, super simple to add a little spooky flair to any look.

Liquid latex was the challenge and worked out so much better than I ever would have thought. Went to the good ol' Spirit Halloween story to snag this and some vampire blood too. All other products used are SeneGence. Of course, long-lasting and smudgeproof is needed for a SFX look. Check out the tutorial on my YouTube channel.

Bold Colors

Maleficent has her enemies but one of my favorite Disney villains as a child. Sleeping Beauty had her work cut out for her from this conniving, yet magnificent creature. I did enjoy the modern installment on the story of her past as well. This look used just a few shades of ShadowSense and LipSense to complete the whole look. See here

Bold colors and vivid brows draw attention to the eyes which creates this character's personality. No other bells or whistles needed. This is the power of makeup and why I love to be artistic through beauty creations. These lashes are from Society Lashes and a must-have to for everyday wispies to glam it up. Use my code MEGAN10 for a discount.

Smokey Eye

Fortune Teller or Pirate? A smoky eye provides so many options for the look you want to go for. Choose a palette of 3 shades- Transition, Darkest Color, Highlight and go from there. Medium color is applied in your crease to brow bone to add some dimension. Use the darkest shade to cover the lid, lower lash line, smudging it as you go, and tightline along your inner lash line. The highlight I prefer is a shimmer or glitter to apply to the inner corner, brightening up the eyes. This is the perfect balance for so many Halloween looks. I hope you have discovered some inspiration and useful tips. Happy Halloween!