Lips Shape Up

Did you know your lip print says a lot?

Find your lip shape by smooching the mirror with a regular lipstick and trace the shape. Let's crack the code to your personality traits.

Your closest friends turn to you to help them with problems. It's because you are so reliable, down-to-earth, and never ditch your gal pal events.

You are one amazing leader. Great looking out for others' success and shining talents. Bonus, if your upper lip is fuller you are a great listener or if the lower lip is fuller you are a philanthropic rock star.

Look at you thinking outside the box. Creativity runs wild and you aren't afraid to take chances.

No corners here. Being diplomatic among friends is your jam and you prefer to keep the peace. You make sure to keep a clear mind and be open to everyone's point of view.

Points on all sides attracts all the friends. You enjoy everyone's company in the group, sharing your sparkly personality.

Does your lip print sound like you? Each set of lips is unique and all have amazing things to describe any beauty babe. I would love to hear which one belongs to your pout, share in the comments below. I think we can all see applicable traits or admirable ones whether it is in our zodiac sign or lip shape. Marilyn would be proud!