How to properly find your skin type

Do you remember what your skin looked like as a baby? Soft, smooth, clear, almost translucent and healthy. We can never return to that same state but with the right choices you can slow down the aging process and get the best skin your body can offer.

  • In our late 20s, the re-absorption of water, throughout our body during the day, doesn‘t happen as naturally any longer.

  • By our 30s, because cellular regeneration is slowing down, fine lines and wrinkles may begin to appear.

  • By our 40s, fat loss may begin; resulting in excess skin that arranges itself in sags and folds.

  • By our 50s, postmenopausal epidermal cell generation slows by almost 50%. The skin then becomes thinner and less flexible.

Armed with this knowledge, we have the ability to choose the best products and habits for our skin’s optimum health and beauty. Proper moisture is crucial for beautiful, healthy looking skin and requires daily attention. I'm here to help! Once you find your skin type, a skincare routine can be established and you are on your way to your best skin yet.

Quick steps for determining your skin type:

1. Pick a day you are not leaving the house right away. Or a day you don't mind being bare face.

2. Wash your face but do not apply moisturizer or any other products.

3. After a few hours, describe how your skin looks and feels. Use this diagram to narrow down your specific skin type.

Once you discover your skin type, now it is time to find the best skincare regimen and use products that guarantee results. Each category requires different types of products to adjust to the proper moisture levels. The purpose of the SeneDerm system is to address each type of skin and bring its particular characteristics back into proper balance. Check out the options below.

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