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Yes! You will be a great fit as a SeneGence Distributor!

Based on your results, making connections with people is your strength and social media is the icing on top.

It sounds like you enjoy building relationships with people. It may be important for you to stay connected and spread joy with creativity. You might also be great at gathering the next girls' night or just happy spending time with others. You love to share your favorite lifestyle and fashion finds too.

Combine your strengths with social media!

I’ve found that many women who thrive with face to face interactions are able to convert that excitement onto social media to grow their business there as well! You would likely be brilliant at content creation plus with the help of my resource library. A successful online business needs to be authentic, engaging, and consistent. It is important for people that you share your life and personality with them since they already follow you for a reason. Be realistic AF when sharing what you love in posts, stories, and live videos.

Best Approach for Success

  • Create genuine, valuable content and be social

  • Prioritize customer service with branded packaging and messages

  • Do your research on the company and make sure you are joining with the purpose to build a business

  • Investing in yourself and your business are important to get started. It's hard work, but it's fun work!

You have to start somewhere, right? Remember not all of these boss babes started with a big following or hundreds of customers. You don't even have to be super active on social media but instead start small and grow from there! It is all about working hard to create a personalized service for your community to love.  I think you should really consider it, given your interests.

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Membership Perks

Just like a Costco membership, you will receive great value. As a member you always receive minimum 20% off, and up to 50% off depending on the size of your order. Don't worry, I go over all of that with our one-on-one, online meet and greet session. 

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Shop On Your Own Schedule

When you sign up, unlock the ability to shop at 20-50% Off retail. You can totally shop at a discount now and turn it into a business later. I find it adds up quickly if you shop for yourself and some family & friends. They will want these products in their lives!

There are no auto-ships of product and no cancellation fees. You are in charge of any inventory. The only requirement to stay active as a distributor is ordering $200 total every 6 months. You can stop at anytime. 

A business model that works

You can earn money with SeneGence® two different ways.  Start earning money by selling your personal inventory that you buy at a discounted rate. For example, sell a lipstick for $25 that cost you $12.50 when you shop the 50% level. Then keep the profit of $12.50 per lipstick!


Another way to build financial freedom is to earn commission checks from sales of other boss babes that join your beauty crew. The compensation plan is ah-mazing!  For just a $55 membership fee, You truly have nothing to lose! 


A girl squad ready to empower others and embrace our inner goddess

Stop Selling, Start Branding

Let's beat the stigma of "that girl" with her network marketing spam and be game changers in the industry! I have discovered if you share your excitement about something, people will listen. Build authentic relationships and share why you are rockin' your own beauty business. Let's break the mold and be proud of what we put out into the world. My resource library if filled with ways to get started and the free ebook overview guide is available.

You're the Boss, applesauce!

Your lifestyle and goals decide how much time you spend and invest with your business. Part-time, full-time, or weekends only are all options. There is also the freedom to decide how much you order, when you want for ideal control. You can launch your business with no up front investment by taking pre-orders for customers to ship out when products ship direct to you. If you are looking for a stronger start, building a personal inventory benefits your customers with quicker shipping. People want to get their hands on these amazing products!

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I got you, girl!

I'm here to help you get started on your new journey. You will receive full access to our resource library once you sign up.  Discover how to build your personal brand, launch your business with a step by step guide, create social media content, and how to make authentic connections with your audience. Your new community

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Resources to get you started off right!


If only I had these when I jumped into this amazing business. I've created this collection for you to start your journey with a toolkit to help you be successful. 🙌

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I'd love for you to join our amazing team and allow me to guide you through this new adventure. Let's work together to launch a brand you can call your own and change the lives of women around you. 

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