Welcome beauties! I'm Meg, born in Alabama, raised in Arizona, 5th grade teacher and mama to my two fur babies. Thank you so much for hanging out with me here! I wanted to take a quick minute to tell you a little bit about me and about my "why" for joining the SeneGence family! 

So LipSense was starting to pop up on my radar. I have always loved makeup and fashion, plus an avid lover of a classic red lip. It wasn't until months later and another struggle with lipstick smudges left everywhere that I finally took the plunge. From the very first color I cracked open (Blu-Red!), I was immediately hooked and wanted all the rest of the colors!

At first I thought about becoming a distributor just to snag every single color with the amazing discount, but I never ever, EVER saw myself selling it. It wasn't until I realized the amazing opportunity and trying something new could be fun. 

As hobbies and passions develop in our lives, opportunities come along that can turn dreams into reality. I have been able to help women discover their true beauty, flaunt more confidence, earn extra income to supplement my teaching salary, and develop my makeup artistry skills. Not to mention the makeup at a huge discount is the best, ongoing sale ever!!

Over the past year, I have been able to truly focus on my long term goals and even earn a MUA certification with SeneGence International. I am so much more confident in my application skills and love, love, love providing tutorials and tips & tricks to women everywhere. My friends and I have the best girls' nights! If you like what you're reading, check out on of my special how-to beauty guides >>

I'm so excited that you're here! Now take a peek around, make your wishlist, and reach out to me if you have any questions on how to get started!

With elegance and gumption,


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